The Official Fence of Texas

We call it the official fence of Texas. It’s tough, honest, and dependable – characteristics typical of Texas that deliver the proven performance that farmers and ranchers expect. They’re also qualities that set Texas Classic apart from other class-1 wires.

Our Texas Classic line provides you with a product that is as strong and honest as the state it’s named after. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Texas Classic is available in a variety of applications for your property and livestock needs – including field fence, barbed wire, twisted cable, galvanized gates, poly hay rings, and sheep & goat fence. Ask your SASCO representative about our Texas Classic products. Texas Classic – the official fence of Texas.

Barbed Wire

CodePointsWire GaugeWire SpacingRoll LengthRoll PalletRoll Weight
BWLTC    12.5    1320'  32  65lbs 
BW122TC  12.5  5"  1320'  32  74lbs 
BW124TC  12.5  5"  1320'  27  85lbs 

Field Fence

Code# Line WiresFence HeightWire SpacingWire GaugeRoll Weight
1047612TC  10  47"  6"  12.5  190lbs 
10471212TC  10  47"  12"  12.5  146lbs 
939612TC  39"  6"  12.5  170lbs 
9391212TC  39"  12"  12.5  130lbs 


Code# Line WiresFence HeightWire SpacingWire GaugeRoll PalletRoll Weight
1348412TC  13  48"  4"  12.5  251lbs