Barbed Wire

Consider using Gaucho 15.5g Barbed Wire for your next project if you’re looking for a cost competitive barbed wire that is as strong as 12.5 gauge low carbon barbed wire but will last longer, requiring little to no maintenance. Gaucho Barbed Wire is made of high tensile wire which means even though the wire is smaller in diameter, it still maintains the same strength as conventional low carbon barbed wire products.

All Gaucho Barbed Wire products are manufactured by Bekaert. Gaucho is Class 3 galvanized which means it is proven to last two to three times longer than Class 1 and meets or exceeds ASTM A-121.

BW152S  StaTite50  15.5  Class 40  5"  48  41lbs 
BW154S  StaTite50  15.5  Class 40  5"  48  42lbs 
BW154S3  StaTite50  15.5  Class 40  3"  24  51lbs 
BW154BG  Bekaert    15.5  Green  5"  48  42lbs 
BW152B  Bekaert  15.5  Class 3  5"  48  41lbs 
BW152BZ  Bekaert  15.5  ZA  5"  48  41lbs 
BW154B  Bekaert  15.5  Class 3  5"  48  42lbs 
BW154B3  Bekaert  15.5  Class 3  3"  24  51lbs 
BW154B3Z  Bekaert  15.5  ZA  3"  48  51lbs 

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