The Best in Agricultural Fencing

San Antonio Steel Company is proud to carry an extensive line of name brand agricultural and construction products from a variety of reputable dealers including Bekaert, Oklahoma Steel, DeAcero, Keystone, CMC Southern Post and W. Silver. Because of our outstanding relationships with these companies, we are able to provide our customers with new, exclusive products that will differentiate you in the market place.

Fixed Knot

Fixed knot fences utilize solid vertical stay wires, which increase the vertical strength of the fence and allows for increased post spacing making it very resistant to animal damage. This high tensile wire is available in Class 3 Solidlock and The 50-Year Fence.

Field Fence

Field fence is an economical fencing option utilizing a woven wire with a hinge joint knot. We offer a variety of low carbon and high tensile field fence products in a number of heights and configurations.

Barbed Wire

Considered the standard in fencing technology, barbed wire consists of two strands of wires twisted together with 2 or 4 point barbs placed at predetermined distances.

Horse Fence

The horse fence wire configuration is designed to prevent horses, cows and other hoofed animals from stepping through the wire.


Wire panels are extremely versatile and have a number of uses including pens, traps and many other farm, ranch and residential applications.


Tposts provide the necessary support for a quality, cost-effective fence.


Texas Classic Gates are the newest, most technologically advanced pre-galvanized and hot dipped galvanized gates.

Poly hay rings

Texas Classic hay rings are constructed using flexible, high-density polyethylene pipe with 3/8” wall thickness. This lightweight, yet durable product delivers exceptional value and longevity.

Tools and Accessories

Using the right tools and accessories to complete your fence job saves you time and money. These items help ensure your fence is built right the first time.


Poultry netting, welded wire, hardware cloth, electric fence wire, galvanized merchant wire.

Construction Products

Rebar, remesh, concrete accessories, nails.