Selecting a wire with the proper coating is essential to protecting your fence from harsh environmental elements including humidity, sand, soil chemicals, fertilizer, salt, pollution and acid rain.

Commercial wire has no standard minimum coating and is not recognized by ASTM. The galvanization will last approximately three months to a year before signs of rust begin to appear.

Class 1 galvanization is the most economical protective coating used on standard fence wire. It is considered a basic coating and will last two to 11 years in non-coastal climates.

Class 3 galvanization is the standard on all products including Cattleman, Gaucho, Solidlock and King Ranch. It is approximately 2.5 times thicker than the standard Class 1 coating and can be expected to last 13 to 30 years before rust. All Class 3 Products meet or exceed ASTM A-121 standards.

Zinc Aluminum (ZA) is a technology developed and produced exclusively by Bekaert. This coating lasts three times longer than Class 1.

The 50-Year Fence is galvanized by a state-of-the-art, advanced coating technology. This Zinc Aluminum hybrid base coat extends the life of StaTite50 more than twice the life of Class 3 galvanized wire and seven times longer than Class 1.